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Welcome to Cross-Over Remedial School

Established in 2008                                                                 Virtual Tour
                                                                                              This is us

Cross-Over Remedial School is a private Christian school, based in Rispark, Johannesburg South.  

We follow the National Curriculum, adapted according to our learner's academic needs, and use a multi-level teaching approach. 

We cater for learners from Grade R - 9.

Message from the Principal,    

Parents and learners are always amazed when they compare the work done in our Remedial classes, with the work of their peers' done in Mainstream schools, it is exactly the same!

Learners entering Cross-Over Remedial School are ordinary children who have encountered a few bumps in the road.

At Cross-Over School, we welcome learners with below-average, average, and above-average abilities.

As a Christ-centered school, we envision many children crossing over from a place of academic neglect & failure to progress and success.

Please know that your child's success is our honour!

May the Lord bless you richly. 

Melissa Stewart (Principal)